Music lovers the new Sony Ericsson W510i is right choice

Hi friends, recently I bought the New Sony Ericsson W580i sleek and slider in style. If you are a music lover, then this mobile is the right choice for you baby!!!

This mobile has wonderful amplification for good sound output and you get a stereo headset and everything u need to get your music from your phone to your PC. Connect, choose and transfer.

In Mobile box contents are:

1) Handset
2) Stereo Portable Handsfree HPM-77
3) Data cable (for transferring data to PC and Surf Internet)
4) Installation Cd (Software is required in PC)
5) Manual Book
6) Memory Stick Microâ„¢ (M2â„¢) 1 GB (Extended Memory Card free).
7) Adapter for recharging the battery of the mobile

Look at this mobile in the picture; it is very slim with lot of features. The color’s which are available with this model are namely, Style white, Boulevard Black, Urban grey, Metro Pink and jungle green.

————–>Boulevard Black….

When you purchase this model you will get free 1GB memory card. If you are not satisfied with memory, you can change the memory card up to 2 GB. The price of this model is just Rs 12,000/- (price might change when u buy). If you are ready to invest another 2,000/- then W 910i is a better model. All the features are same but the phone memory is more in W910i compared to W510i (12 MB given in W 510i).

————–>Style White….

The new feature in W510i is Shake control, when u press, the “w” button and shake the phone the tracks of your favorite playlist shuffle. Sony Ericsson W 510i has 2 mega pixel camera lenses. The picture quality is good when taken in the outdoor with sunlight. In poor light look at the picture given below:

———–>Sample Picture

——————-> Picture 2

The picture is some what not clear without proper lighting but with light look at the first picture. So judge yourself friends…..

This is the best walkman mobile from Sony Ericsson. For more features please visit the Sony Ericsson website.

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  1. jmalhotra says:


    thanks for sharing such a useful information about this mobile…otherwise also Sony products are supposed to be good and best in all respects…so there is no harm in buying this one and enjoy the features

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