I missed a chance to meet Sophie

Hi friends, I am a blogger in Ibibo.com. Recently Ibibo had introduced a contest called “MTV ISuperstars”. An ad is also coming in MTV channel about this contest. Every ibibo user can participate in this contest by a simple registration process. During registration, I was asked, which superstar in the bollywood u will dance like and I selected Amitabh Bachan and I finished the registration of this contest. I thought that, I will never be selected for participating in auditions.

In this contest fellow bloggers have to vote for the participants. The participant has to get adequate number of votes for selection. I started getting votes from other ibibo users.It was a pleasant surprise to me that so many are supporting me.One day, I received an email from Ibibo team for participating in the auditions of ibibo MTV ISuperstar. I thought it was some fake email, but later I called up by phone and asked about the mail and ibibo staff told that the mail was not fake but a genuine one. I was very excited and thought that I will be meeting Sophie in the auditions..

I went to my boss and asked for permission. My boss said no due to heavy work in the office. My dreams were shattered and I felt sad that I missed a chance to meet beautiful Sophie in person… 🙁 I simply wanted to participate in this contest just to see Sophie. I am hoping one day, In future to get another chance to meet her. But no regrets friends.. 🙂

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3 Responses

  1. UWON says:

    Hey nice yaar that from ibibo u r getting such response.Otherwise we few bloggers who we very active when ibibo was new on internet.They are not seeing to us only.


  2. veerugcet says:


    That was very good chance to you on this contest.
    By the way ibibo is sponsering very good contest.
    I am also from ibibo bloggers

    “try to best for next”


  3. MOKSHA says:

    Do not be dis hartened ….you should be happy atleast you got the invitation for audition …there are people in ibibo who did not get the invitation…….. Hope you will get another good opportunity ….& what ever happens it is always for good

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