26th July at Barista

The movie is an example of glory and fighting spirit of Mumbaikars. It is a salute to spirit of Mumbai and world Humanity. The movie is based on true events that took place on a day when Mumbai saw the worst disaster in years. It was a day the Mumbai city or the world will never forget. It reminds us about the natural catastrophe that took place in Mumbai and destructed many lives and property, and laid the fact that nobody can fight against nature. It also tells us that it is the human spirits that can move ahead during such a disaster, to make a better tomorrow. The movie is a tribute to all the people of Mumbai who faced the hard reality.

26th July 2005, started as a normal Mumbai monsoon day and Mumbai people were traveling as they would from one end of the city to other. Barista (Coffee Shop) is a place in Mumbai which caters to people of all classes and segments. In the movie the hero and heroine meet at Barista accidentally. They console their friends and people while they are under shock and chaos. The story starts in Barista (Coffee shop) which is famous for coffee and its gracious atmosphere with customers, some regulars, some who just walked in for a break from everyday stress. The movie depicts the pathetic situation that people were in for days during the disaster. It also shows how love can overcome the saga of natural calamity and the way how two strangers are bound by unknown emotions. The film has newcomers Simran Vaid, Paramveer, Ashish Duggal, Rita Joshi, Kabier Sawhney, Seema Padey and Anil Mahtre.

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3 Responses

  1. MOKSHA says:

    did not know about the movie but will watch it for sure…..People have to deal any situation in life with the spirit of living …….unless there are troubles in life we will never develop spirit

  2. betterlife says:

    I have heard about Barista Coffee Shop, but not about this movie made on this location. You are right that nobody can fight against nature. But why human beings need to fight against nature? Why human beings can not live in harmony with nature? Most of these calamities are the reaction to the action which human beings take against nature. We have declared a war against nature. It is nature’s way to respond.

    “प्रेम करो सबसे, नफरत न करो किसी से”
    “Love all, Hate none”

  3. UWON says:

    I have heard that movie is going to be made on this incident but i do not know the name of it.

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