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Change ur mood

Feeling tired ,tensed about d xams , or u r in bad mood coz of scoldings frm boss then u can change ur mood by eating the food enriched in some or other vitamns.

Here r some of the techniques which will help u

Running out of d energy – Eat food enriched in the protiens.

Want to ease tension – Eat food enriched in omega3 acids which helps in raising d level of seotonin in brain, which can ease tension.

Want to calms nerves – Eat bananas, milk and leafy vegetables.

Dont get sleep at night? – Then eat carbohydrates serving food like fibre rich cereal can relieve anxiety and will help to give good sleep.

Improve ur bad mood – Have sunflowr seeds and whole grain cereals rich in selenium which helps u to Improve ur bad mood.

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  1. Cindy says:

    Reading your techniques, i am enriched already. Way to go !

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