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Blog to keep employees in loop

Have this social networking like orkut and blog site like eblog have become the essential part of life?

Now such tools will be availabel at the workplace too, isnt it good?
India Inc believes that such tools will become the vital communication at workplace creating an extraordinary work environment.
People beleives that work flows more smoother with informal tool like gtalk and an ease in communication.

Its good news for the employees of TCS as they rtrying to implement online social networking for collaborations and knowledge creation among its employees.

Blogging is central part market comm. strategy of sun microsystem. They believe that it is the way for employees that are not related to particular product to write about their valid concern.

Good thing for co. is that individual posts are not edited or endorse in any way.

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6 Responses

  1. lkjhgf says:

    That is good move and will helpful to the employee to share the info and many people on bench will be happy to hear this news.

    The virtue lies in the struggle, not the prize.

  2. jmalhotra says:


    as they will be able to exchange informations and necessary presentations through out India or anywhere in the world infact wherever they want to by way of blogging…

  3. asomormridul says:

    Yes it is a better idea of introducing social networking at job place. But will that will allow the other non workers or limited to the employees of that organisation only.
    In a recent analysis about the net uses, Indian IT companies are loosing millions for unofficial works by the employees. If steps are taken to restrict it, than there are chances that the Idea you had mentioned is not going to be welcomed in all the sectors.

  4. prabhjot says:

    good thinking for comapny better future.

  5. Ruby says:

    This article is a good piece information and learning, however one drawback is there are spelling mistakes. Otherwise, great writing and sharing of information. Jesus Luvs U

  6. MOKSHA says:


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