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Aircrafts less costly than BMW & Mercedes

Want to buy BMW(X-series) or Mercedes C-class of around 50 lakhs?
How u will feel if u get a aircraft whose cost is 20% less than that?

Obviously u will change ur mind to buy those car and opt for the aircraft.
I am not kidding , now u get a four seater , second hand aircraft of just 40 lakh from Kolkata- based firm, Aerotech Aerospace Services. 16 aircrafts r already sold.

Operating costs r also not out of bound . Avgas, the fuel used in it, costs Rs80 a litre.

The only thing that matters and remains expensive is the maintenance, which can b around 70,000 and 1lakh a month.

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  1. Swathi says:

    Thats good …….
    now we can think of an aircraft if we plan to buy a mercedees

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