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Writing: A forgotten tale!

Ever since the computer revolution has hit the homes & offices, people ahve literally stopped using pens & books for writing. Writing was considered the beautiful art before revolution of Personal Computers. Now everyone one wants to just type in computer & take printouts. There are very few people who have kept the writing habbit alive. I am proud to tell, I am one of them.

In my spare time at home, I dedicate some of that spare time for writing. I am maintaining blank notes books where I keep writing whatever I feel like & I write atleast for 30 minutes a day. I write about my feelings, thoughts, instances of the day, tasks I accomplish at office, people I meet, things we talk etc. If you start writing you can write a lot & there are many things you can write about. Above are few of the examples of keep the writing habbit alive. I really feel good when I write & it works much liek a stress buster to me. Whenever I feel low, sad or frustrated, I just take a pen & book & start writing.

I am not sure how well it works but I somehow feel it can be a good habbit & a stress buster too.,

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4 Responses

  1. Service_to_all says:


    You have definitely given a great piece of advice. Recording of thoughts on a piece of paper definitely will come in handy and especially if one is an blogaholic.


  2. lkjhgf says:

    Even I believe that writing is essential.

    I have my seperate shayri book in which I write some of my own and rest shayris which I like from where ever I get it.

    Many people also have a similar tought and maintain the regular diaries to write down the imortant incidents inlife.

  3. asomormridul says:

    Though it is a computer age, still the letters are going on. Else, the largest communication industry of India, THE POST OFFICE, have been closed.
    Though we prefer emails to laters, still we love reading letters.

    But it won’t be long when ink will be replaced totally by keyssssssssssssss.

  4. sajeevss says:

    Not only writing but reading books has also taken a back seat , as people do not have time to read books …..after music and television…then the internet where do people have time for writing and reading books.

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