Timely service of your bikes

If you own a bike then you need to take care & ensure that you get it serviced on time & regularly. In India over 70% of population uses bikes for travelling within the city limits & we used it regularly & extensively. What we must ensure is to get it serviced once every 3000 K.M. It will not only help you reduce the pollution, because pollution is caused by over use of the engine oil. If it is not changed timely, it causes pollution. Not only that, by getting it serviced regularly, you can also ensure your own safety. Becasue many bike accidents happen becuase of some technical problem. Example if you are in top speed & suddenly your brake fails or clutch cable breaks or anything such happens, it could be dangerous to you. So, service is important. It also helps you in giving a good mileage & performance & also reduced maintenance cost of yoru bike.

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  1. lkjhgf says:

    Not only bike but every vehicle requires regular servicing that also includes cycle.

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