some gyaan on aeromodelling

An Aeromodel is a non-man carrying scaled down aircraft. It is made out of Balsa wood, Foam, fiberglass or even cheaper materials like coroplasts. Aeromodels can be aeroplanes or helicopters.

These models can range from simple gliders launched by hand ( like the ones taught in school made out of paper ), rubber catapulted non controlled gliders, high wing radio controlled scaled down models primarily flown by beginner (known as Trainers), or low wing radio controlled combat planes flown more by intermediate and experienced flyers or 3D models used for low altitude acrobatics.

These planes can be non-powered; basically hand launched or by smaller capacity 2 or 4 stroke engines which range from 0.5 cc to 15 cc or more or by electric motors. The size and power of the engine / motor depends on the size and type of aircraft. It is recommended to start of with the basic gliders and then advance on to high wing trainers and then to acrobatic models.

The models are controlled by a FM Radio Transmitter which sends signals to the receiver which is installed in the aero model which in turn transmits the instructions to servos which are responsible for the take off, turns and throttle of the model.

There is no age limit on this hobby and does not require much physical effort. The amount of time taken to learn this hobby depends on the type of model being flown and the individual’s ability to master the controls. Before buying a model it would be a good idea to try your hand at simulator games eg Microsoft flight simulator as you can afford to crash and burn and yet come out unharmed physically or financially.

In Mumbai there are very few places where you can buy the equipment required for this hobby. You can buy pre-built models known as (ARF-All ready to Fly ) or buy the kits and put all the pieces together.

While the hand gliders may not be too costly to start with, as you advance to higher levels the equipment can take a toll on your pockets. It would be a good idea to first be sure how much you are willing to spend on this hobby.

One can also buy the RC simulator which is a computer aided software which use the radio transmitter (instead of the computer keyboard) to simulate the flying experience. It has different kind of models that one can use to practice before trying out the real model.

Mahalakshmi race course is a place where most aeromodelling enthusiasts get together on Saturday and Sunday mornings as it provides ample space for ground takeoff, flying and landing the planes.

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