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Beware of food habbits

In this modern world, Indians have changed a lot in terms of life style. And one of the main areas where Indian’s life style has changed is food habbits. People in India have adopted & continuing adopting foreign food culture & mainly American which are more of cheesy & fatty foods.

People are literally getting addicted to foods like; pizzas, burgers, steaks, etc & most of them who are getting addicted are children & teenagers. These foods definitely tastes yummy & looks attractive too but are really health threatening foods. It affects health in many ways & one of the main causes is obesity. People are just growing fatter everyday with consumption of fat & cheese rich foods & snacks. Obesity has now become common among the youngsters. Parents of children must really take care & control this unhealthy food habbits of their children. It also results in many health ailments like; cholesterol, BP & Sugar.

So, take my advice & stick on to healthy & traditional indian foods & do not rely on cheesy fatty foods & also advice as many as you can on this. It is ok to have it ocassionally but not good for regular eating.

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4 Responses

  1. jmalhotra says:


    junk food specially pizza, burger and concentrated drinks are not good for health..one should avoid taking it …rather develop good and healthy food habbits to keep yourself fit…

  2. lkjhgf says:

    Lacking in protiens, vitamins & fibre, junk food contains high levels of sugar, saturated fats, salt and other food addictives.

    The common scenario is a child who returns from school himself in front of d television, with a bowl of wafers & a can of cola. Children suddenly seem to have stepped into a world of junk foods

    The virtue lies in the struggle, not the prize.

  3. asomormridul says:

    The most difficult work this days is to adopt a healthy habit. Our workload is increased so much that once we stepped out of our offices, we are damn tired to visit the market. If this happens, we have no other choice but a meal at the restaurent or a pack of ready to eat dishes while returning home from office.

    Anyway, it is much better to take home cooked food than those of restaurants.

  4. nishunishaa says:

    i have 2 stop having junk food cause of some allergy…..

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