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Beware Businessmen!

Off late there are many cases of kidnapping of children in India. All these children either bleong to businessmen or a real estate developers. So it is important all businessmen be aware of such incidents & ensure security for their family. Some of things you can do to ensure safety of your family, never let your children alone outside. Try to keep one or more security guards for your house & ensure one security is always there with your family when they go out, atleast accompanied by someone whom you can really trust. Always ensure your house is not in an isolated area & is in a residential area & always keep good contacts with neighbours. They are best people to support you when you are in any such trouble.

Apart from these you must also make sure to have good contacts in business & avoid taking rivalry against anyone, one such wrong decision can really affect our family in a bad way. Usually rivalry & enemity is more in the field of any business. And more you grow in any business, you tend to have more people who would be jealous about your progress. So, try & have a very good relation with everyone you deal with in the business. It’s good to have more friends & you need to compromise when it comes to family. Don;t look for just money in business, always deal with people who are decent & good. Try to have good customers than customers who give good business.

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