TASHAN music has Bhojpuri Connection

TASHAN music has “bhojpuri” connection

Yashraj’s film has always been great newsmaker on musical front and their recent film TASHAN has that special “dhin-chak” impact. I was surprised when I bought the CD of the film that their entire soundtracks were based on “bhojpuri” musical lingo. The funniest aspect was Akshay Kumar snippets “Bachchan Pandey Ka Tashan” that talks about silly endeavors of acquiring “credit card”. Even the rest of actors had their version of the word TASHAN but my favorite was Akshay Kumar’s rendition. The song “Dil Haara Re” was my favorite as it had that extra zing immersed in folksy touches. My next favorite song is another peppy number “Dil Dance Maare” for its fun-loving wordings that’s all together “bhelpuri” of different languages and lingo’s.

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