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Have you ever talk to your Inner voice?

Inner Voice is like a Divine Mind which leads to intuitions. It never leads you astray rather helps you to develop intuitive powers. Some people call it source to God, some says it is a supreme light and some says that it is an accumulated wisdom of soul over many births.

It is better to try and develop the power by tapping your inner voice, resource it, strengthen it at your best which can keep you safe in all the given situations of life.

Inner Voice is a collective matrix of thoughts. It is a psychosis of the collective mind.

Hear your inner voice to live in peace. Try to be in silence and hear it to the core to know the crux of the thoughts, analyze and visualize them. Silence gives you the opportunity and be in touch with your intuitive self and allow you to flow freely and calmly. It will make you reach the intuition very swiftly and gently. Intuition is a synthesis of mind, power and a certain amount of spiritual power.

Finally conquer them and reach to the constructive conclusion. Further more, it enables you to be your own MASTER. You can judge the situation before it is going to come to you and you will be prepared for it.

People who are institutive are calm, gentle and honest. It is better to conquer your intuitive powers by having a close encounter with your DIVINE MIND.

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  1. Sulochana says:

    It is important for us to connect with our inner self and to listen to what it says . Good post . Thank you for your wishes .

  2. Service_to_all says:

    A fine abstract from the article “Does inner voice talk to you?”


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