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The Indian Cricket Team show in australlia– What is Our Culture?
The players of indian team play the game with game spirit.and not give the lie speech.
to Win the third test match the team show his perfection in every field,either that is game spirit or mentally confidence.
if there is any rule in ICC that like “Umpire can not give the decesion to ask the member of fielding team “.
then the result of second test match could be different.any way the india play the next test match with game spirit and win
the match.so seeing the condition of second test mach we can say that the indian team can save the second test match.
and in the other side the Australlian team faced a lot of statements from his
ex cricket players,media and from the other country.some country who play the
cricket says that the members of Australlia team not play with game spirit.
they want to win the match in every condition.this should not be happen in the
game.there is also one thing in second test match that is for about of player “B. Hogg”.
the BCCI take the reverse.this is doing for game spirit.all these shows that
we are educated and also apply the game spirit with our culture.
Moral—>The game should be in always with Game Spirit.

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