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Outwitting Fate – Part III

hello friends, i wont be able to complete the story in 3 parts it might take more than expected, i am sorry.

In the last part i.e. in part II, the young Brahmin learnt about the fate of his guru’s child from Brahma……..

Then Brahma vanished, leaving the disciple bewildered by what he had heard and pained by the thought of what a hard life awaited his guru’s son. But he could tell no one about it. His guru returned from pilgrimage and was delighted to see his wife and child doing well. And the young disciple forgot his sorrow in the learned company of the old sage.

Three more years passed in deep study, and again the old sage decided to go on pilgrimage to the sacred source of the Thungabadhra River. Again his wife was pregnant, and he had to go leave her in the care of his disciple and a friend’s wife. This time, too, Brahma came at the moment of birth. The young man was waiting for him. Brahma was again stopped at the door and promised to tell the young man what his stylus would write on the forehead of the second child. On his way out, the god told the young man, ‘The child is a girl this time. My stylus has written that she has to earn her living as a prostitute, sell her body every night. Remember what I told you last time: if you tell this secret to anyone, your head will split into a thousand pieces. Don’t forget.”

When Brahma left, the young man was still in shock. The daughter of the holiest of men was to live the life of a prostitute! He was so deeply hurt by the thought that he couldn’t even find the language for it. After turning it over and over in his mind for days, he consoled himself with the thought that fate alone governs human lives.

The old sage returned from his pilgrimage, and the young disciple spent two more years with him. At the end of these years, when the boy was five and the girl was two, the disciple himself decided to go on a pilgrimage to the Himalayas. The of the growing children and the miserable life that was awaiting them filled him with pain and even anger, though he consoled himself again and again with thoughts of fate.

With guru’s permission, he left the forest hut and his guru’s family, and journeyed……………………..

To be contd……

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