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“We cannot see outside what we are not inside.”
— Swami Vivekananda.
These days hatred and violence are spreading everywhere. The level of desperation is so high that it has become very difficult to provoke, rather it is the demand of time to sit and think in a cool mind why all these are happening in this country of philosophers.

Are the mothers of our country now not resourceful to give birth to the lions instead of jackals. The jackals are now roaming everywhere forgetting how to behave in the civilized society. They dare to harass, intimidate, assault, rape and ultimately murder. They are after female flesh. The more the ferocious, rude and cunning jackal , the more he is favourite to the big brothers who are playing the chess of politics.

So, mother, my prayer to you all forgive us and bless us so that we can improve ourselves and utilize the cunning quality for the benefit and development of the country.

Dear mother, forgive us and show us the way out. You awake mother ! awake! If you remain silent or inactive like “PURUSHA” lying at the feet of ‘Mother Kali” all the ‘dakinies”, ‘yoginies”, ‘bhuts”, ‘prets” i.e. male and female ghosts and demons will destroy the entire social structure and the society.

Awake mother! Awake! Sleep no more . Make us man to serve you , to respect you, to honour you, being free from all kinds of intolerance and hatred and able to react and work for the society and the people of the country and the country itself.

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3 Responses

  1. asomormridul says:

    WE the common people can stop this terrorising activities if we can hold hand to stand like lions before the terrorist and condemn their horrifying activities. We are remaining silent means we are supporting their acts. Numbers of terrorist are loitering like jackals around us and whenever we are asked by a armed force personal we pretend not to know any of them. THis is usually for our personal security. But once we can break open this fear, we can help india to a peaceful country.

  2. jmalhotra says:


    and the one of the outstanding and shinning brightly in the crowd with u and ur inspiration….

  3. dulaliputra says:

    To remain silent does not mean we are supporting terrorism. You see “the wearer best knows where the shoe pinches”. Fear of life due to lack of security to life and property, people remains dumb, sees nothing though sees everything. We are bowing down to the “asura shakti” because no “daibee prenona” is available to unite to fight being fearless. Society can be changed by the mothers only.

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