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Life is work. Without any work it is not possible to lead a worthy life in this world. Inhalation and exhalation also fall in the category of work. Because without these functions the body can not survive. Service is also a kind of work which needs dedication and whole-heartedness in any particular work. Through this service i.e. working with full dedication for the benefit of another, we perform our duty towards the creation.

We may use the word ‘service” in different senses. Thus service may mean performing duties in the armed forces or working for a government , company etc. or any work for survival. But any work done for the benefit of the society without any motive is ‘service” in its real sense. It may mean to work for another or others for their benefit. I think it will be better to use ‘service” synonymous with ‘karma” in its broader sense which covers each and every activities of the mankind performed during his lifetime . But all the ‘services” or ‘karmas” cannot be tuned as sadhana. The theme of karma is highly praised in the ‘Bhagabat Gita” . Each and every man is born not for himself so he must try to flourish his life for the benefit of others. It is thus said by some wise man “Gita” itself is the harbinger of the theory of ‘karma” or service. Here ‘karma” means all kinds of work, but the individual work specify to each person according to his nature. Hence in a broader sense service cannot be the same for each and every person. One must perform his duties in accordance to his capacity, ability and nature or ‘guna” which may be termed as his service.

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3 Responses

  1. nishunishaa says:

    life is work and work is workship

  2. Service_to_all says:

    The true sense of the term Service as mentioned in the Gita

    “Karmanye Va Dhika Rasya, Ma phaleshu Kadhachana”

    Do your duty and do not expect any benefits out of it.


  3. dulaliputra says:

    Yes, you are right . ” Ma phalesu kadachana”. Thanks for your comment.

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