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Much have been discussed, spoken of, debated — because all these are not acceptable to all . Some will accept, some will criticize, some will be deadly against, some will refrain from making any comment and the other group will remain neutral — all these are natural. It is also natural that there will be difference in opinion, faith, activity, — according to the individual concern. And it is sure to arise.

But whatever may be the difference, we can find out some kind of similarity which our ancestors did and were successful and the result is we are still here with our culture though a bit infected by different kind of outer agents. And these agents or virus has made our progress slow and in some cases the growth has been retarded or totally stopped. The moot result we could not believe that we are the oldest culture of the world and it is the only culture still surviving amongst all odds we had to face from that remote past.

Now, if we keep the ideal of service towards the motherland and the inhabitants therein and if all our activities are offered for that purpose honestly and when all our activities will centre round this ideal of servitude will work as the thread of a garland where different kinds or colours of thoughts and ideas will rest to accomplice it’s duty. No clash can arise here except a good and fare competition.

I think when our politicians will come forward with the attitude to serve the country and the countryman how clash can be generated ?!! So as soon as our politicians can feel and understand this, the entire atmosphere is bound to change.

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