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That day the helper who helps in our day to day works resumed after about a week of absence and had to face volley of questions from my wife to explain the reason of long absence. She was in angry mood , because the helper was absent without any information and it was also difficult to search as I did not know his residential address.

He is an illiterate person and maintains his family working for others on a part time basis. He explained that he had to arrange marriage of his daughter hurriedly, because she was in love with a boy and was planning to elope. So he met the parents of the boy and finalized the tie and gave his daughter in marriage with the boy of her choice.

On query he let me know that his daughter is only fourteen years old. And if she eloped his prestige and honour in the society would have been jeopardized. And in such case no law would have helped him rather two lives would have been destroyed and the relation between the two families would have been finished for ever. The girl is mature enough to manage and maintain. There is no necessity to wait for further four years. He added, “How law can help to restore my prestige if anything happens. She might have committed suicide, she might have eloped. No law can help , sir”.

What I feel is only enactment of multiple laws means to shake off our responsibility towards society. What is the benefit of filling up the blue books with all these inactive stuffs?!! We should educate mass of people first to understand the situation. Mere ability to put the signature in the paper is not literacy in it’s real and proper sense. What do you think my friends??!!

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6 Responses

  1. betterlife says:

    Having bookish knowledge does not make anybody literate. Then law in itself can not serve the intended purpose. One must be clear of the intent of the law,which should be in total harmony with social needs of people. Your helper has rightly analyzed the situation and has taken action which best suits him and his daughter.

    “प्रेम करो सबसे, नफरत न करो किसी से”
    “Love all, Hate none”

  2. jmalhotra says:


    one should have the proper knowledge of the law inorder to have the benefit of the same….

  3. lkjhgf says:

    There is a law for marriage but not for engagement.
    He should have talk to the father of the boy and they should have couples engaged and later when the girl turns to 18 the marriage should have been done. Laws r perfect and have been decided by the great persn having good brains then us considering all the situation.

  4. Swathi says:

    The man did not have proper knowledge and its cost paid was his daughters life………….certainly his quaky decision has put his daughters life in danger by marring her offf in such a immature age and stage………

  5. asomormridul says:

    The law is perfact. The father of the gal should have justified many other things. At that moment he was more concerned about his prestige but not for the future of his child. Future is unseen. The girl might had eloped but may not too…

    Anyway, as she is only fourteen, do you consider she is well equiped with her knowledge and experiance to handle a child 9 months later. Being fourteen, she is yet to gather knowlege of society, herself and some more which a healthy man needs. Her brain is not so matured to start a family life of her own.

    Actually, the father should have made her understood that she will mary the boy she loved but she should first gather knowledge of how to handle situation.

    Anyway, what has happened is hapened. BUT DON”T BLAME LAW. IT IS PERFACT.

    4 years a lot of time. For me, I am only two years at blogging, but may be I am more matured in it when I finish my fourth year…….



  6. nishunishaa says:

    hi give my sister blessings

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