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Let us live together,
Let us eat together,
Let us be powerful together,
Let us not hate others or do violence to others.

The human being is the best creation of the world. He can think, act accordingly and can make changes, can feel and understand the law of nature. But still he errs, he makes blunder.

The capacity to think, the capacity of reasoning and argue is at the root of all these, when move through a wrong track on being motivated by wrong notions, ideas , thoughts growing hatred. These are very good and acceptable quality to that extent where it does not violate the law of nature.

I have read the life history of great sages of our country. One such great saint was Baba Loknath. It was said that he was so much powerful spiritually that he could have created another world to fix its orbit in the universe by utilizing his supernatural power. But he did never do so. Why? Because he respected the law of nature, the law of God and never tried to supersede Him in anyway.

But we are here with some kind of physical , mechanical or scientifically developed power trying to lead the entire world to our domination . This attitude is creating turmoil everywhere . The struggle of survival and the trend of the sufferer to resist such harmful trend is leading the world towards fighting causing tons of life and property, time and energy.

So, the way of life prescribed by Veda, the oldest scripture of the world, originated in India, is now the only harbinger to find out the real path of peaceful survival.

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