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Greeks call it ‘Ambrosia”. Hindus refer to it as ‘Amruth”. Whatever is the name, it means ‘The Elixir of Immortality”. And the Man’s quest for immortality is as old as the human race itself.
In modern times, we hear about the agencies in the U.S. undertaking the preservation of human mortal remains in liquid nitrogen chamber for perpetuity. They already have under their care several dead millionaires salted away (for a fat fee, of course) with the hope that some day they can be brought back to life. Yet the question is, whether the quest for immortality is realistic. Or is just a pipe-dream?
– Stem-cell research has shown that human organs can be grown and harvested in the lab so that such organs can replace defective ones which, in turn, may prolong life indefinitely.
– Even if a dead man cannot be revived in the near future, creating his replica will be possible once the technique is refined and laws amended to permit cloning.
– Researchers at Minnesota University in the US have recently developed a revolutionary method of tissue culture by which an existing defective organ can be stripped down and rebuilt bringing it back to life. (only in experimental animals). This appears quite promising.
Unfortunately, Lenin’s body was consigned to the elements recently. Or else, a day might have come when Lenin’s bio-data would have started as: Vladimir Ilich Ulyanov (Lenin) 1870-1924 and 2051-?

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