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Nancy part 3

“Yes, he looks like a valuable dog,” Nancy agreed, glancing round the park in search of the animal owner.” But he seems to be lost. ”

“Oh, come along, girls,” Bess urged impatiently. “Time’s going and there’s so much to see.”

“I suppose the dog’s master is somewhere in the park,” Nancy remarked, as the three friends walked on again. She glanced over her shoulder. “Why, the little scamp is following us.”

“He seems to have adopted you, Nancy,” George chuckled. “I hope he doesn’t trail us all round the park.”

Nancy halted and sternly ordered the dog to go home. He retreated a few feet and the girls continued on their way again. A moment later the terrier was trotting along beside them. Nancy tried once more to send him away, but was unsuccessful.

“You don’t say “go home” as if you really mean it, Nancy,” George criticised her chum. “I”ll show you how to get rid of the little scamp”

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