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Approaches for efficient time management

To manage time properly in order to achieve objectives and ambitions in life, realisation for the same must come from one’s own conscience. No one can enforce or compel us to ensure proper time management. It is only our innerself that can make us do it and for that we must understand its importance in life. If one can sense this, success is guaranteed/cannot be denied. Proper time management is a sure and straight ladder to success.

For efficient time management, we should note our rhythm and plan the day accordingly. A job may take double the time required, if attempted at the wrong time. We should use morning time for creative works, including problems solving. Routine matters may be kept for the afternoon. You may choose the task for going out of office, to meet people or do field work in latter part of the day. Forenoon, we have a productive period irrespective of our personal rhythms. Conversely, low period is observed after one hour of lunch because most of our energy is used to digest the food.

Therefore, we should not waste much time, during initial part of the day, when we should do our best. A tea or coffee on arrival at the office, helps to start the day in a positive mood. It is taken at mid-morning, it will interrupt the flow of activities. Lunch may be taken early and it should be light. It provides more time in the afternoon to get back to our productive work. We should try to complete routine work during office hours. We should not take home routine jobs regularly. It implies that something is wrong. It indicates our poor time management. Hence remedial action is required. If we start the day in a positive mood, it pays high dividends in getting things done. We should start the work at the same time each morning. Time will not be lost, if we have clear idea of priorities and tasks for the day. We should list priorities at the end of the previous working day to facilitate proper beginning. We should try to achieve all our objectives of the day.

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  1. lkjhgf says:

    Thats what is needed to lead a great success in our life and thats what great personalities have done.
    Once we understand this success is in our door.

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