Terminator In Small Screen

Terminator In Small Screen, i know you might think that they are showing the great Arnold movie Terminator in some channel. Friends, I am talking about a sequel program called Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles of the movie Terminator The Judgment Day. Which is on Tuesday night 9:00 PM IST in Zee Cafe Channel.

You also can also catch them on :

Wednesdays 11:00 AM
Sundays 10:00 PM
Mondays 4:00 PM

The serial starts from the end of the movie Judgment Day. When Sarah, her son along with T – 800 android eliminates and stops the Judgment Day. The serial continues when they find that they did not succeed in stopping the Judgment day. Sarah and her son try try to hide from the government with the help of Reformed Terminator Cameron who has come to protect John.

How long can they hide? Will they succeed this time. Chk out this new version of Terminator franchise.

Ps : I thank Zee Cafe for providing us the information of the repeat time, i wish all the channels also follow.

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