Real Hitman broke his silence

We have seen Reel life Hitman many time in the Big screen, now comes the story that of a Real life Hitman in Mumbai who has issued a legal notice, saying that he has not received any payment for his Supari. Instead of giving a Supari to his clients, he has gone to get legal help and has also got an Attorney too fight for his rights. Wow that is new!

He has also threatened that he will blow everyone’s secret out, that is something our Director would have never thought, may be this will give our Ram Gopal Varma some idea for his next movie. What you think comment about it…

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  1. kiranshubha says:

    I agree, bollywood has always been obsessed by underworld & director’s like ram gopal verma always looks for some news in underworld to use it to create a big movie & expose the situation to the nation. I think he or some director will use this for their movie in near future.

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