Chala change ka Chakkar

Frito Lay India came up with the unique concept called Chala Change ka Chakkar…
Where a normal person exchange his/her day with a Star. Everyone wants to be a Star for a day and the winner of the Firto Lay India gets a chance to make his/her dream come true.

The best part is that Star Plus showed how these winner lived and enjoyed their favorite celebrity life for one day.

Like 20 yr young student Paras Kakkar swaps his life with Juhi Chala, there he was given a make over and in his house Juhi was preparing rotis, arranging for a party for Paras parents for their wedding anniversary . Paras wrote a letter to Juhi saying that he missed being there with his family in their Anniversary and gave the money which he has been saving for this occasion. Juhi as the true Host took care of everything, became part of the family and also helped Paras mother to dress for the occasion.

Hiren Patel swaped his day with Dhoni. He went to see Dhoni school and met his teacher, played cricket and there in Hiren house Dhoni did all the Hiren’s work and also gave his fan Hiren a gift which he will never forget in his life. Dhoni gave new life to Hiren’s old bike which was totally gone. I am not a Cricket fan, but his gesture touches my heart.

Last but not the least, Umed Rana lived like a King, the life of Saif and Saif took Umed family shopping. Umed also tattooed like Saif and also showed some starry tantrum in front of the dancers who came to teach him some moves….

Well, it was nice to see our Stars living a ordinary life. Thanks Star Plus for showing us, i cannot wait to see which Star is goin to swap his place with whom.

Time only will tell !!!

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2 Responses

  1. UWON says:

    By the way how to enter this contest or it is over?U can tell me by commenting in my post or by PM.


  2. kiranshubha says:

    I feel more than the stars, its an awesome experience for the contest winners leading a royal stars life for one day,

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