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My Journey 2

My Journey

I was on a long vacation with Memory. I was travelling so slowly throughout my journey that when i realised i travelled too far off my home, Faith, it was too late to get back to my homeland.

Magic 4


I know when we were kids, we have saw many magic shows which happen in beach or some stadium.

Man Vs Woman 3

Man Vs Woman

There are somethings which we cannot change about man . Perhaps that’s why it is said that man will always be man .

I missed a chance to meet Sophie 3

I missed a chance to meet Sophie

Hi friends, I am a blogger in Recently Ibibo had introduced a contest called “MTV ISuperstars”. An ad is also coming in MTV channel about this contest.

My State of Mind 4

My State of Mind

My state of mind,
No one is kind,
Nothing can bind,
My state of mind.

I work so hard,
In making blogs,
Few of them ignore,
What shall I do more?

I think must keep,



Few months back I was doing some research on Aliens. As existence of Aliens is a big question . There are people who believe & there are equal number of people who do not...

Request to all bloggers 10

Request to all bloggers

This is a request to all bloggers of .

Please read this carefully .

Dear members,

Please feel free to give your comments about my decision.