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End of Terror Part 3 4

End of Terror Part 3

Next morning she goes to the college where she is teaching. Her students, her staff members come to know about the kidnapping part. It’s a bad phase she is going through.

Adopting children 0

Adopting children

Adopting kids is the latest thing the world of Hollywood stars, many stars have adopted kids like Tom Cruise, Angelina, latest one is Madonna trying to adopt a Indian kid, that is a good intention.

Future World–1 By Uwon 2

Future World–1 By Uwon

Hey everybody just today i came to know what will be our Future World after this world will Destroy.All knows that Global warming is increasing day by day and due to this Snow is melting which was the

Ugadi Subhakankshalu 2

Ugadi Subhakankshalu

Hi all, according to the Hindu Lunar calendar, today is the Happy New Year for the Telugu people. In Andhra Pradesh, We call the New Year as Ugadi.