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Why exempt some people from paying toll tax?

It is said that India is a democracy. It is also said that in democracy all are equal. But this is not true in case of Indian democracy. Indian citizens are discriminated against each other through quota, reservation, exemptions, special treatment. Some citizens are called Aam Aadmi. Some are called Khas Aadmi (VIP). Some are even called Khas Khas Aadmi (VVIP).

Some time back, I went to Moradabad in UP. In the way, I had to stop at a toll tax barrier. I was surprised to see a very big board on the side of the barrier on which a list of those VVIPs was printed who were exempt from paying the toll tax. It started from the first citizen of India, the President and included Vice-president, Prime Minister, Governors and many others. Why these people are exempted from paying the toll tax? It is not a big amount for these people. They can very well pay it, but they are exempted.

The only reason for this exemption seem to me is to show that these people are bigger than a aam aadmi. This is against the spirit of democracy which is based on the principle of equality. India is still suffering from slave mentality where its government discriminates between its citizens.

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3 Responses

  1. Sulochana says:

    Really, even we aam aadmi are in awe of the the ministers when it comes to raise the voice against such discriminations . My opinion is that these big heads should themselves intitiate the process to set a good example as tax-payers .

  2. Service_to_all says:

    Hello sir,

    As you have said the toll is an insignificant amount, when compared to the expenses on the posse of cars which preceeds and folows the VVIPs car.

    They any way will be travelling in a govt. car, driven by a govt. employee, with security gaurds on all four sides and so what is their in the toll when we need to look at the larger issues.


  3. asomormridul says:

    If the VIP and VVIP travel at their won capacities, than they should not be exempted from Taxes. But if they are in their duty then there is a sense of exemption. Actually this toll tax can be exempted from every individual who are travelling on Governments duty.

    Yes it is true that exemption of tax to some parties who earn much higher than what those are paying is unjustified. As we share similar facilities, even those who are exempted share more facilities than others, we should have a uniform tax liability.

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