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The inhuman insurer

It is not that I was unaware of it, but when I read about it today, I felt sad. It disturbed me too much. It was also not the first time when courts have made such observations. This time the difference was that the court has included insurance companies also in its observations.

Delhi High Court on Thursday again labelled blueline buses as “killers”. But the court meant those who are behind these killers. Buses do not kill on their own. The man behind the steering wheel kills, and he does it for the owner of bus. Both do it for few bucks. Police turns their eye in other direction also for few bucks. The minister does not take any effective action for few bucks. How low can people stoop to earn few easy bucks?

The judge said that while bluelines have become “the major killers in the capital”, insurance companies worsen the plight of victims by their apathy and obstructive attitude” in settling compensation claims relating to these killers. As per the court, “Victims and family members are made to suffer the greatest humiliation and embarrassment, right from mortuary till award of compensation…It is a great irony that insurance companies are prompt in settling the claims of the insured vehicles for the damage but create all sorts of obstructions and bottlenecks in settling the claims of human victims of the accidents.”

चंद पैसों के लिए,
कितना और नीचे गिरेगा इंसान,
क्या देगा जवाब,
जब पूछेगा भगवान्?
“किस का खून लगा है तेरे हाथों मैं?”

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