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Stress and peace

We are constantly under physical and/or mental stress. We all know the reason for this but we fail to take any corrective action. We all have expectations. We expect many things from others. Others expect many things from us. Whenever these expectations are not fulfilled it causes frustration, depression, agony, hated, anger and jealously. All these negative feelings manifest as stress.

Many people take short refuge from stresses in this world by going for entertainment, watching TV, drinking, etc. They do not attack the root problem.They go for temporary solutions. If we want permanent relief from the stress, we need to develop a positive attitude towards life and other people. This will us permanent satisfaction and peace in the deepest of our soul which in turn enable us to lead a blissful and tension free life.

We should make every effort to get peace for ourselves and others. We need to do this while we are alive. Undertaking religious pilgrimages, reading religious books, performing puja with associated rituals, can bring peace if our approach is pure (without any expectation) and with full faith. To attain inner peace, we should love or pray to God unconditionally; like a honest lover who loves his/her beloved without any fear and expectation of reward

Everybody who is willing to get peace or like to attain perfection in materialistic world or having any type of physical or psychological problem can start meditation and he/she will feel himself or herself change in his or her life. Meditation does not mean complete renunciation of our desires. It means that while enjoying this beautiful world, we must not become slave to our desires. We must avoid the two extremes-high luxuries and great simplicity. We should maintain a balance in our lives and enjoy a happy and a relaxed life. When a person can do this he will be happy in his life and will obtain inner peace.

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