Red joke

A newspaper reporter took interview of Prakash Karat on his re-election as General Secretary of CPM. It was a long interview and some part of it was not to be printed.
क्यों कि यह अन्दर की बात है, करात और सोनिया के बीच.

Interviewer – What is your stand on recent trouble in Tibet.
Karat – Tibet is an integral part of China. In fact, India is also an integral part of China.
Interviewer – How is that?
Karat – See, India is ruled by Congress. Congress is an integral part of CPM. So India becomes an integral part of CPM. As CPM is an integral part of China, India also becomes an integral part of China.
Interviewer – Openly you say, that CPM is supporting Congress Rule from outside, but inside you are saying that Congress is an integral part of CPM!
Karat – This is red politics my dear. और अब तो हमारे साथ रहते रहते कांग्रेस भी रेड हो गई है.
Interviewer – What about China summoning Indian ambassador post-midnight?
Karat – Good you raised this issue. It also proves my point.
Interviewer – How?
Karat – See, can China or any other country summon ambassador (and that too a woman) of any other country in this discreditable manner? Any nation worth any self-respect will protest and ambassador will refuse to go at that hour. There was no urgency. There is no war going on. It is peace time. But the ambassador turned up at Chinese foreign office at 2 AM. Does it not prove that India is an integral part of China?
Interviewer – I think you have a point here.
Karat – CPM always has a point. It is now that Congress under Sonia could only understand it.

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2 Responses

  1. UWON says:

    I think u have secretely copied their tape and published on eblogs.


  2. madhu_vamsi says:

    I think Karat should read this news and after reading the news Karat will offer u some money to hide this interview. I am just kidding sir. It is shame that CPM reside in India and support China. That is strange attitude…

    Madhu Vamsi….

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