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Man and woman, a complimentary pair

Both man and woman are complimentary to each other. Talking of man being superior to woman is totally irrelevant. On their own, man or woman are incomplete. It is said that behind every successful man there is a woman. The reverse is also true. Let us take an example.

Ram was an avatar of Vishnu, but as a human being he was not a purna purush (complete person). Likewise, Sita was an avatar of Laxmi, but she was also not a purna nari (complete woman). It was only through marriage that they became purna. What Ram could accomplish could not have been possible without Sita as His wife. And only a wife could have done what Sita did to ensure Ram’s victory over Ravana.

For Hindus, marriage is a sacred relationship. Through marriage man and woman join each other in a relationship of love and trust. They support each other to work as a team, strengthen each other, compliment each other and fulfill their obligation of continuation of human race. What they do in their individual capacities is a matter of mutual adjustment so that each one of them can perform a particular task in a better manner ably supported by the other partner.

There is no personal ego in this relationship. There is only love and concern for each other. They are a living example of Ardha-narishwar.

हिन्दी मैं कहूं तो, एक प्राण दो शरीर.

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  1. jmalhotra says:


    very right and true in saying so..it is love and care which binds both of them rather than anything else…

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