Do not waste resources on PTC, PTR and other such paid sites

As everybody knows, internet is overflowing with paid sites who solicit internet users by saying that they will earn free money. In fact, nobody can earn free money on internet. The only thing free here, is the membership on these sites, and there also they constantly bug you to become paid member. These sites send you e-mails and by clicking on these mails and visiting ad sites you earn some money. But have you ever thought that “is the money you earn by clicking really worth the time and resources you spend for this”? I do not think it is worth the money you spend in clicking. Calculate in terms of money the time you spend, add to it the money you have spent on buying the computer and the fee you pay to internet service provider; and you will agree with me. Also this clicking does not provide any useful information and knowledge to you. After a long clicking session you might have earned a fraction of a dollar and also got pain in fingers and tired eyes.

Friends, this is my experience by being a member on these sites. It is only wastage of resources. Find alternate means to earn money on internet. Will you share your experiences?

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  1. lkjhgf says:

    They give 100% referal earnings, so if u have good marketing skills and have many referrals then u dont have to do anything and then u can earn free money.

    The virtue lies in the struggle, not the prize.

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