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Working Housewives 2

Working Housewives

In case of housewife who holds a job outside the gets paid for the job she holds, her position as far as house work id concerned, remains the same.

Classification of women’s work 3

Classification of women’s work

Whether the woman works in a poor, subsistence economy or whether she works in a modern household in an industrialized economy, both women have three things in common in their respective working lives

Factors affecting working women 2

Factors affecting working women

Education has worked as the prime factor to motivate the women to work. They feel that whatever they have acquired through education has to be utilized. It should not be wasted.

Growth of Working Women 2

Growth of Working Women

The factor which has exercised a formidable influence in recent times on the women’s work participation rates and productivity has been the development.

Women and Work 0

Women and Work

In recent year, status of women in society has been a point of concern throughout the globe, particularly in developing country like India.

mass communication 3

mass communication

Every society form the most primitive to the most complex had same system of technical, indirect communication to help in conducts its affaires.