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Type of projects 0

Type of projects

Projects are mainly of two types.One is enterprise project and the other is emerging project.Enterprise projects means actually maintenance projects.i.e.adding new features according to change in requirements etc to the existing application(which is developed already ).

Reservation in educational institute. 0

Reservation in educational institute.

Reservation in educational institute.

what does our constitution say all should be treated equally so WHY RESERVATIONS.
dont u think this step is dividing further and creating a feeling of hostility.

Goverments responsibility is to give primary and secondary education to all so that they strengthen the base of minorities.Reserving seats for them wont help.Many students belonging to general category cannot afford good education so what abt them.

lead india contest 0

lead india contest

Hi friends, i wish to know whether the lead india contest conducting by times of india will be a effective one to change our democrac? Please dont take this blog as against the contest. But i need to know how far it will create a change in development of our democracy?

safety of women 0

safety of women

A bill has been proposed in Karnataka assembly that women should not work in night shifts after 8 p.m for security reasons. is it correct.

Here I am posting my views about this issue.

railway electrification no.3 0

railway electrification no.3

Preparation of LOP.

NORMALLY it inclueds the following things,

* Distance between Structures (Spans )
* Type of Structure and their Chainage
* Setting Distance (Implantation)
* Tension Lengths of OHE (OLE)
* Overlap and Anti-Creep Location
* Anchor Locations and Stagger.

As per the RDSO(Research and development standard organisation ) we are designing Railway electrification.

AS per RDSO, the span should be the multiply of 4.5.

span means it is the distance b/w the centre of two adjacent tracks.

railway electrification no.2 0

railway electrification no.2

Preparation of pegging plan also includes

* Initial Survey works of the section to be electrified

* Preparation of Pegging Plans (15,000 Track Km)showing chainages, Locations of Level crossings, Bridges, Platforms, Cabins, Signals, Trolley Refuges, Junction Boxes and any other Infringements

* Testing of Soil Pressure using Penetro Meter and SPT Equipment

* Indication of Track Cross Section Profiles and Soil bearing pressure, Versines, Track Centers, Toe Points, Track Separations, Curve Details, Super Elevation Etc

railway electrification no.1 0

railway electrification no.1

Preparation of pegging plan

to prepare pegging plan somebody has to go site and has to take a footpath survey. he has to note the chainages of signals,bridges,and all infringements near track to be electrfied.

Things to be considered in pegging plan.

1,chainage of all infringements,
2,versines,degreee of curves
3,cross over,turnout locations.
4,overline cables.
5,exact measurement b/w the kilometre stones.
6,implantion of all infringements.

using this datas one has to prepare the pegging plan (or) survey plan.

railway electrification 0

railway electrification

being as a railway eletrification engineer i want to put all the information which i gained regading RE.Now a days we are using 25kv 600 amps supply for railway electrification.

first the railway authorities (like CHIEF ENGINEER) decide the section has to be electrfied.then they will put up their proposal to their higher authorities.then it will be discussed in railway board members meeting.then they will sanction that proposal.Then they will add that project in their budget or 5 year scheme.then they will publish adverts in news papers and medias for tendering.