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Say with style… some tips to improve your vocabulary! 1

Say with style… some tips to improve your vocabulary!

“An extensive knowledge of the exact meanings of English words accompanies outstanding success in this country more often than any other single characteristic we have been able to isolate and measure”……Unknown Author

Sorry You Are Not Selected…Please Improve Your English!!! 0

Sorry You Are Not Selected…Please Improve Your English!!!

Friends the sentence mentioned above is a very comman sight in our country. I am not astonished if you are one of them who faced this sitiuation. Well I think the time has now come when you have to change the scenario and prove your dexterity, so here are some tips to improve your English speaking that will prevent you to be the victim of such awkward situations again.



It’s really a matter of great distress to see the judgment of high court Allahbad regarding Muslim community. Though they have shown their concern about their state but doesn’t it show their partial outlook also…?

India being so developed still mourning over the issues of religion and reservation and dodging the actual growth of the country behind that. Some political leaders have taken Muslim samuday and others are just loitering over the issues of OBC reservation…some fighting for women empowerment (so-called) and some are busy spending in ads for the promotion of their party as if they are selling a product.

See Your Christmas Compliments…Crossing The Continents!! 0

See Your Christmas Compliments…Crossing The Continents!!

Christmas is a festival that brings a lot of joy; it is a time of celebration, sharing and exchanging Christmas Gifts. Symbolizing the happiness of the festival, flowers, including Christmas wreaths, Christmas trees and Christmas flower bouquets, have always been a huge part of Christmas season and are fondly gifted to friends and relatives.

Belonging to an era of globalization, having friends, loved ones and business associates in other countries is a common sight. And since flowers are a language understood the world over, they take our first preference as gifts to send Christmas wishes and a wonderful way of making people feel good and cared. You can send flower arrangements that match the person you are sending them for.

Success 0


There are many knotty hurdles
In the route of achieving success

But try to subdue your rage
Via razing its excess

Be rapt in your struggle
And judicious in your fight

Thrash about and never be jaded
Until you get its result in light.

Before I die 0

Before I die

To feel the pleasure of tears and pain,
To experience the beauty of loss and gain,

To heal the world, to solace the fellows,
To be in solitude, to accompany shadows,

For knotching up my goals, to touch the sky,
Yes…I want to live before I die….

Do you have an answer? If not…Go get it now!! 0

Do you have an answer? If not…Go get it now!!

Borders between nations and time zone differences are no longer the hurdles to create the limitations for business deals. And this all could have been possible only by WWW as the Internet has radically changed the way business is conducted and transacted.

Since now the technology is going ahead of humans, its not any more expensive to start your business online. The software market has been captured with the companies that have realized the output of eCommerce and have understood that with the right plan and tools, a local, small-town business can become global simply if it has its own website that can be accessed by anyone in the world.