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3 WAYS to be Efficient & Effective 1

3 WAYS to be Efficient & Effective

 1) It’s easier to be efficient and effective if everything has a place and
is in its place.
 So start with the area of most clutter – wherever things get “dumped

some gyaan on aeromodelling 0

some gyaan on aeromodelling

An Aeromodel is a non-man carrying scaled down aircraft. It is made out of Balsa wood, Foam, fiberglass or even cheaper materials like coroplasts. Aeromodels can be aeroplanes or helicopters.

Delicious Pastries 1

Delicious Pastries

If you visit Bangalore two places I definitely suggest is Sweet Chariot near on Richmond road & Nilgiris on Brigade road. They make really delicious pastries which are indeed mouth watering & yummy.