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Celebration Of Republic Day 0

Celebration Of Republic Day

“Happy Republic Day” To everyone.
Tomarrow we will celebrate the 59th Republic a historical day of
india,it is also would be important for eBlogs.becauze it is last day for memebers (member of eBlog) to access directly.
after Republic Day (26 jan) the eBlog Site not open.I hope everyone member of eBlog have read the mail sending by admin of eBlog the new member who is joined in 2 or 3 days,he will be shocked that what happend.any way this is the decesion of eBlog team.any way tomarrow we all celebrate the 59th Republic Day with full of joy and love.

Sachin Tendulkar 0

Sachin Tendulkar

Sachin Tendulkar–
The Sub Name of Sachin Tendulkar is Master Blaster Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar.he has
many miles of stone as highest test century and also in oneday International(ODI).
his total century is 80 in which 39 test century, and ODI is 41,the 41th

Know abt Cricket 1

Know abt Cricket

Question1– Do you Know when cricket was started ?
Answer—It was start in year eighteen hundred seventy six (1876).so 131 years
old cricket.

Question2–What is the word- “end” in cricket ?
Answer–The word end describe the directions from which two bowlers are bowled the ball. Since the two bowlers operate from opposite directions, one is bowling with the wind and one against it. Naming the two ends as
(1)Pavilion End .
(2) Far End
This helps the commentators in describing the game better.

Question3–What is the name of that Indian Batsman who take only one- one wicket in

Notes On Dowry System 0

Notes On Dowry System

As we all read in news paper and see on news channel,that she hang till death,
she warned herself or her husband says to bring the money from her father,if
she not then beat him for this etc……..
What is This?
I can not understand becauze everyone says that dowry system should be
finished.when all people say for finishing of dowry system,then why such type
of events should be i think that people only say,not use mind on it.
If everyone think with cool mind,what is the result of after happining of such events.

What is Magnetic Seizure Therapy 0

What is Magnetic Seizure Therapy

What is Magnetic Seizure Therapy.
This therapy is used in the treatement of depression.
it is basically a magnetic version of electroconvulsive therapy.the magnetic seizure therapy induces a high frequency curren
t in a small portion of brain untill it sparks a siezure.The magnetic seizure thrapy could
be more effective than other brain stimulation techniques.but in this thrapy
it is requires daily anesthesia and careful medical monitering for a period of
weeks .in the transcranial direct current stimulation,a device drives a small

Cricket 0


The Indian Cricket Team show in australlia– What is Our Culture?
The players of indian team play the game with game spirit.and not give the lie speech.
to Win the third test match the team show his perfection in every field,either that is game spirit or mentally confidence.
if there is any rule in ICC that like “Umpire can not give the decesion to ask the member of fielding team “.
then the result of second test match could be different.any way the india play the next test match with game spirit and win

What is Library 5

What is Library

College Library is the collection of different type books of same subject,
where student read a subject with many books.many students reads in group
with different books and after reading they share the topic to each other.
the student can take the more advantage during his preparation of competetion.
but today some places the Internet take place Library.but in computer science
a library is the collection of small programs,this small programs helps to
develop Engineering college there is also both library and

Polution 4


There are mainly three type of polution.
1.Air Pollution.
2.Water Polution.
3.Sound (Noise) Polution.
In Sound Pollution the peoples are more effective because if they not want to
listen anyother and also busy in his work(Thinking type work).in this
environment the person is much disturb and he can not do his work.for example
if a person travells by miny bus or tempo.he can not do his work due to
talking among other Person so in briefly there can give another name to Sound
Pollution that is Talk Pollution.Now I hope,you can understan what we want to