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Outwitting Fate – the last part 1

Outwitting Fate – the last part

Thus solving the problems of his guru’s children the disciple set off……..

He went to live under a tree near her house to see if his plan worked. He was happy to see that it did.

Outwitting Fate – Part III 0

Outwitting Fate – Part III

hello friends, i wont be able to complete the story in 3 parts it might take more than expected, i am sorry.

In the last part i.e. in part II, the young Brahmin learnt about the fate of his guru’s child from Brahma……..

Outwitting Fate – Part I 0

Outwitting Fate – Part I

Hello friends,

Recently I read a story which I felt like sharing with everyone. This is a folk tale from Tamilnadu. The story is too long to be told in one part so I will do it in 2-3 parts.

Son of the Great River Ganga 1

Son of the Great River Ganga

Do you know who the son of the great river Ganga is?
He is none other than Gangeya or Devavratha or popularly known as Bhishma the prince of Hasthinapura, now known as Delhi. Bhishma was the son of King Shanthanu and River Ganga and the grandfather of the Pandavas and Kauravas.