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empty ur cup before you fill it up 2

empty ur cup before you fill it up

A professor of philosophy visited a master to learn about meditation.
he approached the master and asked, ‘sir, what is meditation?”

a true master can know a person at a glance.he looked at the professors, and was silent.when the professor repeated his question the master said politely, ” son,it is time for tea .let us have our tea,and we will discuss meditation afterwards.”
the master started pouring tea into the professor’s cup.even after the cup had been filled to the brim.he continued to pour.

drop the role 2

drop the role

A master kept scraping a brick against the floor of the room where a disciple sat in first the disciple was patient,taking this to be a test of his powers of concentration.

but when the sound became unbearable he trust out,”what on earth are you doing? can you not see i am in meditation?”

“i am polishing this brick to make a mirror out of it,”master said.

“you are crazy!how can one make a mirror out of a brick?”

eblogs converted in to application…… 5

eblogs converted in to application……

Now-a-days eblogs is converted in to application writing blog.some bloggers are making this portal polluted by writing irrelevant posts and also copy pasting post from different sites.which is strictly restricted in eblogs.some bloggers are not reading the rules and regulations of eblogs.
some bloggers are posting autobiography,some are writing silly and half written application writing format,some are writing the valueless things.

Do you believe in God? 5

Do you believe in God?

Once a western journalist asked Sri Aurobindo the very common question,”do you believe in God?”

Sri Aurobindo’s reply was an emphatic “No”.
This greatly puzzled the journalist.he had,after all.travelled a long distance to see this “Man of God.”

“what do you mean by saying no?”he asked the saint.

Disciples. 1


On the last night,when Jesus was to depart and it was clear,that the next day he would be killed,the disciples asked him,”in the kingdom of God.where will we be sitting?Where?”

They were not worried about Jesus,they were not worried about his death,which was to happen next day,but they were worried about their own positions-the twelve disciples in what hierarchy,in what order?

They showed no concern about Jesus,but were bothered only about their own position.

copy if you must,but do it well!! 0

copy if you must,but do it well!!

a thief and a politician,held in prison,made plans to escape one night from the night the thief climbed over the wall.the guard heard the rustling sound and challenged.”who goes there?”

quietly the thief said,”meaow”,imitating a cat.the guard went away and the thief escaped.
now it was the turn of the politician.again the guard heard the noise of his climbing and called,”who is there?”

“nobody ,”the politician answered,”just another cat!”This ‘cat’ was caught.

When we do as other do ,we must not be over-clever in the imitation.

criticism 0


Two travelers,seeking respite from the searing heat of midday sun in summer,took shelter under a leafy tree.

They soon felt refreshed in the cool shade.
“what sort of tree is this ?does it produce edible fruits?”asked one of the men to the other.
“It is a plane tree”, said his companion.”it gives neither fruit,nor good is one of the most useless,even as you are enjoying my shade?”

Criticise no person as useless.every being has a reason for being useful.

carpeting the earth 0

carpeting the earth

a disciple was constantly complaining about the behaviour of others all the time.
master told him,”wanting other people to change their ways is like trying to spread carpet over the whole earth.changing yourself is wearing a pair of slippers.

It is much easier to protect your feet by wearing slippers where you walk,than to spread a carpet over the whole ground.”

the eternal waiter 0

the eternal waiter

the sun descends down the western horizon.
the bleating lambs,baying cattle
and chirping birds return home.
on the solitary banks of the stream
whose blue water is crimson
by the parting kiss of the dusk
i sit alone,waiting.
waiting for the night to advance!
for the day to emerge from the womb of the night.
for whom do i wait?
does he knows i am waiting?
perhaps life is an eternal wait,an endless waiting.