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WHEN I HAD GONE THROUGH THE FRONT PAGES OF THE DAILY NEWSPAPER, My eyes struck still at the news of serial blasts across the State. There was panic accross the entire north-eastern State. For some of the undeclared demands, some of the evil minded people are terrorising the general public. They are celebrating their success of taking lives of hundreds of people. But did they ever gave a look to the persons suffered out of their horrifying act.

All the people dream to live in piece. Even they might have a similar dream too. The victims at the blasts are someones mother, someones father, someones son, daughter, brother, sisters. But all these makes no sense to them. They are concerned for their close ones only. No matter what happens to the general public. If they have the guts, why don’t they come out with a challange with the government and snatch away their demands?

It is really very panic because out of the casualities there will be lot who are the only bread earners for his small family. Whenever such an incident occurs, there is a rush and in that rush innocent people injure themselves out of their innocense. A mother will be waiting her son’s return from the market and finally end up with his deadbody. Are not they making hell out of their act.

A solution need to be sort out so that we can lead a peaceful life. Though their are thousands of security personals, they are not performing their duties well giving a scope to the mischevious persons to perform terror in the STATE. Who can wake up the Government out of their DREAMS of building a GOLDEN ASSAM.

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