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Who is right and who is wrong?

Hi friends

In this post i am including a couple talk like………….

UNDERSTANDING one another in a relationship is the KEY.

I feel that nothing is right or wrong, It’s Just the PERCEPTION that matters, how we take things and whats the Mental situation one is into at that particular situation.

Women are more talkative compared to Men, she wants sum1 to listen to her. She wants to feel loved and cared. Her soul mate needs to listen to her thoughts and not always be their to give solutions to her issues, rather JUST LISTEN. She feels relaxed, thinks sum1 is their for her.

Men on the other side are generally quite and compose. If at all they are tensed they would want to solve it all alone or remain SILENT. they want to be left alone at times. they would definitely cum up and discuss things with their partners but they need space.

Thus no1 is right or wrong.

Understand One Another To Have A Good n Long Lasting Relationship

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