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Support/oppose taking IIMA CAT in Hindi etc

Hi Friends,
as early i have seen that the CAT2007 result is open then one question is aries in my mind that why IIM cat entrance exam not having a option for hindi.

Lets us say hypothetically CAT was taken in Hindi and English.

Say 5000 students give English CAT and 5000 students give Hindi CAT. Say there are 100 seats. Now say topmost 30 Hindi-CAT students are better than 71st English-CAT students

we have two options

A)give admission to 70 English CAT and 30 Hindi CAT students. Make Hindi-CAT people learn English.

B)kick out Hindi CAT students and give admission only to top 100 English CAT students.

It is clear that IQ/Maths skills in option-A will be higher, and significantly higher given that many a large % of Indian population doesnt get quality English education in schools.

So I am preferring option-A over option-B.

Now if one opposes CAT in Hindi, it is same as prefering option-B over option-A, as many of those who could have proven their mettle in Hindi-CAT but do poor in English-CAT are automatically denying even entry into IIMA.

For my view visit my immediate next post……………

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