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conflict b/w different departments in a company

There is no doubt that discussion and negotiations are the best ways to resolve any conflict..
However being aware of fundamental reasons of the differences helps in understanding each other;

** Different departments speak/understand different language
(For example Finance knows numbers only and is unable understand the operations lanuguage till the time it sees the hidden numbers behind quantam savings through the timely availability of inventory. On the same note opearation needs to understand the hidden cost of carrying that inventory in terms interest, handling, obsolesence etc.. )

** Different departments have different priorities
(for example, finance needs balanced cash flow, operation needs steady production load, maintenance needs machine dowtime, for sales customer requirements are top priority, for marketing it may be timely launch of new product…. top management at organizations need to take a call based on situation at the time on what’s important and what can be safely compromized.

** [c] Organizations history (At times individual at the helm of affairs).. Every one burns his fingers once in a while and so do organisations and individuals at the decision making position.. At times scars of some past bad experiance are soo deep that organizaion/individual is not ready to take slightest risk about the same.. Circumstance are not always same, we need to look at present situation in present context not in past..

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