Reliance IPO 6

Reliance IPO- India’s biggest IPO ever. I was also excited to apply for this IPO. So I went to Reliance Money office for inquiry. They given me all details about How to apply for that.
I have to start from basic to apply for IPO. Because I didn’t have D mat account. So I had given application for that first. I got my account no. after 15 day. Meanwhile IPO was open for bidding. I had applied for 90 shares. I was expecting at least 20 share for my bidding. But it was not. After allotment of shares I was disappointed because I didn’t get a single share.
Now, share is listed & after 2 days of listing it is on Rs.320/- as compared to Rs.430/- I am planning to buy share on such low price. I have much more expectation for this share in longterm.