Martyrs” Day 3

Maytars” Day
Last Sunday, the nation remembers their three great freedom fighters, Bhagat Singh, Rajguru, and Sukhdev, on occasion of 77th death anniversary. Three young leaders of freedom movement were hanged on 23 March1931 by British government. They had accused to killing a police officer and threw a harmless bomb in Central Assembly.

A marytars” day is celebrated by youth organizations relating to Congress and Communist Parties since long.

I have sometimes participated in these meetings and note two points:

One, the leaders of senior generation have oftenly complained to present youth that they are forgetting history, particularly, those who participate in freedom movement and are still living.

Second, The youth leaders of these organizations also normally speaks as a follower and provoke gathering people to blindly following the past’s heros.

I am not against to tributes to forefathers, however, I don’t believe in imitation, My opinion is
the best way to remember forefathers, with assessments of their contribution, we should focus on present day problems and provoke to people for thinking and working togetherly for better state and society.