Holi; festival of colors, another traditional day of entertainment, is to remember of past, particularly remote past.

These days human race developing very fast comperatively to past. Sciences are involving in our day to day life. Consequently, the life of an epoch had reduced up to 100 years rather then a thousand years. Time, earlier to a hundred years called nearer past and remote past.

It is my perception the remote past produces just passive thinking, traditionalism and terrorism.
I am in favour to celebrate a festival to remember ours fore father and tribute them but I do not like to follow anyone.

On the day of Holi some people will play with colors and some with mud. What is the difference? Who play with colors” liberal and moderate for me and those who play with mud, are traditional.

Personally I do not like to celebrate any traditional festivals. I like to celebrate modern festivals, Republic day. Independent day, May day and so on. However I respect the tradition as well.
If some one come to me and want to play with me I welcome him and her. But I do not like to go out this day..

Any way; may be either someones is traditional or moderate, both of us, after noon, get bath and will change clothes and come back in present with new zeal and joy.

I wish you great Holi