Posting of copied items in blogs 8

Dear Eblogs team & All Users

Many users are posting genuine blog, but some users are posting copied items from another sites. I am agree with eblogs team members that they are deleting the copied blogs of that member, but by this we can’t say who is the original writer of that blog, and we and all blogs website teams should appreciate to genuine blogers.

All we know that this activity is totally unfair, and still a few users from us are using this habit. Numbers of blog post sites are available in the country as well as world wide, but why they are not taking any legal action against them.

As observed any body can join blog post site without any statuary bindings.

Eblogs site has recently mailed a newsletter, where they have shown how many candidates have posted copied items in their blogs.

What the action taken by eblogs team, only deleted copied post, why…? Eblogs team cannot take any authorized actions.

If really these posts are copied from other sites or not genuine, then only deletion is not fair from eblogs.

If really such type of website wants to appreciate genuine blogers, then there should be strict action against cheater blogers.

This contents in my personal view and to appreciate genuine blogers. It is my also request to everyone please give your suggestion in this view to avoid such kind of happenings.