Please do not delete copied blog from your site 4

Dear Admin

Why numbers of peoples are posting copied blogs, and administrators always need to delete that blogs. I also observed some members are using, to post copied contents and only a few members are used to post genuine blogs.
If some ones are posting such type of blogs, than how, admin can delete that blog, because only by referring some sites, and able to say that this blog is copied from that site.
Friend, I am fully agreed with eblogs, that maximum members are posting copied blogs, but why eblogs teams are publishing these blogs before any verification of blogs, and if they have published then why they are deleting that blog.
In my opinion eblogs teams should give points only for genuine blogs and do not need to delete copied blogs, because i.e. if some one is copying my blogs & posting in eblogs site then how I can claim that, that blog is my genuine blog. In this situation it is clear to take any action against the fraud bloggers, and we need that posted blogs to confirm, which eblogs has been deleted.
This is my request to admin, please don not post copied blog in your site and give points only for genuine blogs. This thing will also appreciate to genuine blogger.

Please cooperate us in this matter